Welcome to 0xAVENUE, the path to Web3 commerce.
Where web3 meets phygital commerce
Create engaging and rewarding personalized shopping experiences based on users' digital assets. 0xAVENUE empowers brands, IPs, and creators to connect with their communities like never before.
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How brands, IPs, creators, and events can use 0xAvenue?
Engage with web3 Shoppers
Open a hands-free shop on 0xAVENUE, or build token-gated pages on your e-commerce website using our Token-Gated Commerce SDK, supporting interaction with Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana fungible and non-fungible tokens.
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Unlock the power of personalized shopping
Create personalized shopping based on users’ digital assets and enable brands to create narratives for shoppers with specific interests for a seamless Web3 phygital commerce experience.
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Bring your community to life
Create phygital merchandise embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) chips containing a unique claimable NFT, and enabling online and physical token-gating to supercharge engagement for Web3 projects, communities, and events.
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The path to web3 commerce
web3 commerce tools, hands-free Token-gated shops, web3 merch, and phygital activations
— all in one place.
01/ Sell in the way of Web3 - Design personalized shopping experiences based on each wallet address, NFTs, POAPs or any other digital assets users own.
02/ Reward your most loyal fans - Create a customizable phygital journey of drops, discounts, and gated content for your community.
03/ Top brands, top merch - Create customizable, made-to-order, designer-grade phygital merchandise for your community to rep your brand with pride.
04/ Focus on building your brand - Run a Web3 shop on 0xAVENUE where we take care of all the manufacturing, packaging, payment collection, logistics, and fulfillment.
the path to the best web3 phygital commerce experience